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The Marks in the Fields

Essays on the Uses of Manuscripts

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Publication Date: 03/31/2005


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Related Subjects

  • Preface [Richard Wendorf]
  • Introduction
    • 1. A Note about Jean Mabillon (MS Typ 592) [Rodney G. Dennis]
  • Part I: The Establishment of Text
    • 2. Motets Recovered from a Binding (fMS Typ 122) [Margaret Bent]
    • 3. An Aristotelian Excursion (MS Lat 39, MS Typ 233, MS Gr 17) [R. J. Tarrant]
  • Part II: The Development of Text
    • 4. A New Work by John Wyclif? (fMS Lat 338) [Seminar in the Auxiliary Disciplines of Medieval Studies]
    • 5. Reading Keats in Manuscript (MS Keats 2.27) [Helen Vendler]
    • 6. A Variant in Traki’s Trompeten (fMS Get 171.1) [Bernard Böschenstein]
    • 7. Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man, Epistles I-III (fMS Eng 233.1) [Richard Wendorf]
    • 8. The Two Versions of Henry James’s The American (fMS Am 1237) [Rodney G. Dennis]
    • 9. Attributions in a Manuscript of Imitatio Christi (MS Lat 246) [James E. Walsh]
    • 10. Thomas Chatterton Three Poems (fMS Eng 1279 (2)) [Elizabeth Falsey]
    • 11. On the Faneuil Hall Resolutions of 5 November 1845 (bMS Am 1704.13 (130)) [David Herbert Donald]
    • 12. Non-Authorial Revisions in the Page-Proofs for Evangeline (*AC85.L8605.847ea) [Richard Marius]
    • 13. Manuscript Evidence: A Case of Authorship Vindicated (bMS Am 1883 (1336)) [Richard S. Kennedy]
    • 14. The Master of the Harvard Hannibal (MS Richardson 32) [Roger S. Wieck]
  • Part III: The History of the Manuscript
    • 15. La Bible historiale de Charles V (fMS Typ 555) [François Avril]
    • 16. A Psalter from St. Riquier (MS Typ 311) [Paul Meyvaert and Michel Huglo]
    • 17. Buying and Selling a Manuscript of De Civitate Dei (fMS Typ 728) [Rodney G. Dennis]
    • 18. Ptolemy’s Geography in the Renaissance (MS Typ 50) [James Hankins]
    • 19. Boswell’s Life of Johnson: The Houghton Manuscript Leaves (X-78M48 (1)) [Mary Hyde Eccles]
    • 20. The Provenance of the Harvard Shelley Manuscripts (MS Eng 258.2) [Donald H. Reiman]
    • 21. The Gillman-Harvard Manuscript of The Death of Wallenstein (fMS Eng 947.6) [Walter Grossmann]
    • 22. The Travels of the Trotsky Archive (bMS Russian 13) [Douglas W. Bryant]
  • Part IV: The Nature of the Manuscript
    • 23. A Twelfth-Century Manuscript in Reshaped Boards (MS Typ 194) [Rodney G. Dennis]
    • 24. Discard or Masterpiece? Mallarmé’s Le “Livre” (MS Fr 270) [Barbara Johnson]
    • 25. St. Bonaventure, Commentary on the Second Book of Peter Lombard’s Sentences (MS Lat 265) [Laura Light]
    • 26. Dickinson’s Fascicles (bMS Am 1118) [Sharon Cameron]
    • 27. On R. W. Emerson’s 2 March 1835 Letter to Lydia Jackson (bMS Am 1280.226 (1773)) [Lawrence Buell]
    • 28. Ashbery and Popeye (Ashbery papers: AM 6) [Helen Vendler]
    • 29. Rearranging the Manuscript of Jubilate Agno (fMS Eng 719) [W. H. Bond]
    • 30. Elizabeth Bishop, The Map (*87EB70) [Christopher Ricks]
    • 31. Heightened and Un-heightened Neumes: an Eleventh-Century Missal Fragment (Hofer bequest: uncatalogued) [David G. Hughes]
    • 32.Lamartine’s Graziella and Le Premier Regret (MS Fr 107.1 and MS Fr 107.2) [Jean Bruneau]
    • 33. Henry James, The Awkward Age (*EC9.B3927.Z913j) [Roger E. Stoddard]
    • 34. The Billy Budd Manuscript (MS Am 1888 (363)) [Warner Berthoff]
    • 35. Ostracon Harvardianum 2 (Ostraca 2) [Gerald M. Browne]
  • List of Plates
  • Concordance of Shelf Marks
  • Index

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