Cover: Selected Contributions of Ukrainian Scholars to Economics in HARDCOVER

Selected Contributions of Ukrainian Scholars to Economics

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ISBN 9780916458102

Publication Date: 01/01/1985


  • Introduction
  • Tuhan-Baranovsky’s Theories of Markets, Accumulation and Industrialization: Their Influence on the Development of Economic Thought and Modern Historiographic Research [Sergio Amato]
  • Slutsky and Metaeconomics [Leon Smolinski]
  • An Assessment of the Work of the Demographer M. V. Ptukha [Ralph S. Clem]
  • Roman Rosdoisky’s Reconsideration of the Traditional Marxist Debate on the Schemes of Reproduction on New Methodological Grounds [Manfred A. Turban]
  • Comments [John-Paul Himka]
  • Selected Contributions of Kiev Scholars to Mathematical Economics [F. I. Kushnirsky]
  • Academic Economics in the Nineteenth-Century Ukraine [I. S. Koropeckyj]
  • Name Index
  • List of Contributors

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