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Ukrainian Economic History

Interpretive Essays

Edited by I. S. Koropeckyj

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  • Preface
  • Chronology of Historical Events in the Ukraine prior to World War I
    • 1. Periodization of Ukrainian Economic History [I. S. Koropeckyj]
  • I. Kievan Rus’
    • 2. The Economy of Kievan Rus’: Evidence from the Pravda Rus’skaia [Daniel H. Kaiser]
    • 3. Aspects of the Nomadic Factor in the Economic Development of Kievan Rus’ [Peter B. Golden]
    • 4. The Flourishing of Kiev’s International and Domestic Trade, ca. 1100–ca. 1240 [Thomas S. Noonan]
  • II. The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
    • 5. Cossack Ukraine and Baltic Trade, 1600–1648: Some Observations on an Unresolved Issue [Stephen Velychenko]
    • 6. Trade and Muscovite Economic Policy toward the Ukraine: The Movement of Cereal Grains during the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century [Carol B. Stevens]
    • 7. Petrine Mercantilist Economic Policies toward the Ukraine [Bohdan Krawchenko]
    • 8. Ukrainian Grain and the Russian Market in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries [Robert E. Jones]
  • III. The Nineteenth Century
    • 9. Population Change in the Ukraine in the Nineteenth Century [Ralph S. Clem]
    • 10. Industrial Development and the Expansion of Free Labor in the Ukraine during the First Half of the Nineteenth Century [Leonid Melnyk]
    • 11. Development of the Ukrainian Economy, 1854–1917: The Imperial View [Martin C. Spechler]
    • 12. Urbanization and the Ukrainian Economy in the Mid-Nineteenth Century [Boris P. Balan]
    • 13. The South Ukraine as an Economic Region in the Nineteenth Century [Patricia Herlihy]
    • 14. The East European Peasant Household and the Beginnings of Industry: East Galicia, 1786–1914 [Richard L. Rudolph]
  • Index
  • List of Contributors

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