Cover: The Origins of the Old Rus' Weights and Monetary Systems in HARDCOVER

The Origins of the Old Rus' Weights and Monetary Systems

Two Studies in Western Eurasian Metrology and Numismatics in the Seventh to Eleventh Centuries

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Publication Date: 08/01/1998


As the title indicates, this book explores two distinct but related topics: the various monetary-weight systems that developed in European Russia during the Viking Age and the Rus’ coinage of the Kievan era… These two essays constitute an important contribution to our knowledge of Rus’ metrology and numismatics. While particular interpretations can be disputed, Pritsak’s essays are marked by extraordinary erudition, a number of inspired insights, a western Eurasian view that transcends the narrow confines of the Rus’ lands, and the collection in one place of invaluable metrological data on diverse monetary-weight systems. Although we may not always agree with Pritsak, we are indebted to him for these essays which, hopefully, may stimulate further research on the monetary systems of European Russia in the Viking Age.—Thomas S. Noonan, Russian Review

Facts, figures and fonts abound, but do not be put off. For dedicated historians and numismatists it is well worth the effort.—D. L. F. Sealy, Slavic and East European Review [UK]

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