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Trophies of War and Empire

The Archival Heritage of Ukraine, World War II, and the International Politics of Restitution

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Publication Date: 09/30/2001


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  • Foreword [Charles Kecskeméti]
  • Technical Note
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Preface and Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Reconstituting the Archival Heritage of Ukraine: The Historical and Ideological Context
  • I. The International Legal Context
    • 1. Defining the Archival Heritage of Ukraine: Russia and Pretensions of Soviet Successor States
      • International and Soviet Archival Principles
      • New Archival Laws and CIS Agreements
      • Beyond New Laws—Efforts to Define Archival Ucrainica
    • 2. Retrieving the Cultural Heritage and Displaced Ukrainian Archives
      • International Appeals and a National Commission
      • Potential Archival Pretensions
      • Microform Copies
      • Searching for International Norms
    • 3. Provenance, Pertinence, and Patrimony: International Historical and Legal Precedents
      • When “Records Follow the Flag”
      • ICA Resolutions, Cagliari, and the 1978 UNESCO Report
      • Archives and the Unratified 1983 Vienna Convention on the Succession of States
      • Post-Soviet Discussion Continues
      • Non-State Archives and the Post-Soviet Context
      • United Nations and UNESCO Conventions and Resolutions Relating to Cultural Property
      • Recent ICA Initiatives
      • European-Wide Focus on Restitution at the Official Level
      • Conclusions
    • 4. Towards a Descriptive Typology of the Ukrainian Archival Heritage Abroad
      • Institutional and Territorial Provenance
      • Circumstances of Alienation and Subsequent Migration
      • Present Location and Arrangement of Archival Ucrainica Abroad
      • Agreements or Other Legal Factors Affecting Ownership
  • II. Displaced Archives during World War II and Its Aftermath
    • 5. Measuring Losses in the World War II Context: Evacuation, Destruction, Plunder, and Retrieval
      • Reinterpreting Destruction and Displacements: The Historiographic Context
      • Soviet Losses and Destruction Reconsidered
      • Nazi Archival Plunder
      • Soviet Search and Retrieval Operations
    • 6. Western Allied Restitution in the Postwar Context
      • War Losses and Western Archival Restitution
      • The Record of American Restitution
      • Library and Archival Restitution Reconsidered
      • Western Non-Restitution
      • Captured Nazi Records and Anglo-American Restitution to Germany
    • 7. Soviet Cultural Trophies: The Ukrainian Component
      • Soviet Spoils of War
      • Trophy Books and Manuscript Collections
      • Trophy Books to Ukraine
      • The Berlin Sing-Akademie Collection in Kyiv: A Case Study
    • 8. Soviet Archival Plunder: Nazi Records and Nazi Archival Loot between Moscow and Kyiv
      • Soviet Archival Plunder
      • Captured Nazi Records with Nazi Archival Loot
      • The “Special Archive,” Dispersal, and Soviet Restitution
      • Captured Nazi Records in Ukraine
    • 9. Émigré Archival Ucrainica Retrieved: Prague, Kyiv, and Moscow
      • Émigré Rossica and Ucrainica and the End of the RZIA in Prague
      • Ucrainica in Kyiv from Prague and Elsewhere
      • Ucrainica and Rossica to Moscow
      • Archival Ucrainica Retrieved in Kyiv
    • 10. The Nationalization of Cultural Trophies in Russia: A New Cultural Cold War in Europe
      • Russia’s Cultural Cold War with the European Community
      • The Russian Battle over the Nationalization Law
      • Ukrainian and Other International Reaction
      • The Constitutional Court Rules
      • Archival Restitution Qua Barter for Archival Rossica
      • Russian Archival Information and Access Problems
    • 11. Independent Ukraine and Poland: A New Climate for Restitution?
      • Post-1991 Ukrainian–Polish Restitution Issues
      • The Symbolic Ossolineum Divided
      • Other Divided Polish Collections from Lviv
      • Archival Ucrainica in Poland
      • Other Polonica in Ukraine
      • New Prospects for Negotiations
    • 12. Independent Ukraine, Germany, and the International Context of Restitution
      • The International Context of Displaced Archives for Ukraine
      • Restitution Progress with Germany
      • International Forums on Restitution Issues
      • Displaced Art versus Displaced Archives
      • Beyond the New York and Washington Conferences
  • Conclusion
  • Documentary Appendices
    • I. UNESCO. “Report of the Director-General on the Study of Problems Involved in the Transfer of Documents from Archives in the Territory of Certain Countries to the Country of their Origin,” 25 August 1978 (20C/102)
    • II. UN. International Law Commission, “Non-Exhaustive Table of Treaties Containing Provisions Relating to the Transfer of Archives in Cases of Succession of States”
    • IIIa. UN. “Vienna Convention on Succession of States in Respect to State Property, Archives, and Debts, Part III, ‘State Archives (art. 19 :031),’” April 1983 (A/Conf. 117/14; has not yet come into force)
    • IIIb. ICA. “Professional Advice on the Vienna Convention on Succession of States in Respect of State Property, Archives, and Debts, Part III, ‘State Archives’ (art. 19 to 31)”
    • IV. UN Resolution. “Return or Restitution of Cultural Property to the Countries of Origin,” 22 October 1991 (46/10)
    • V. Agreement on the Right of Successor States to the State Archives of the Former USSR. “Soglashenie o pravopreemstve v otnoshenii gosudarstvennykh arkhivov byvshego Soiuza SSR.” Moscow, 6 July 1992 [with English translation]
    • VI. Resolutions of XXXth International Conference of the Roundtable on Archives (CITRA). Thessalonica, 12–16 October 1994
    • VII. “The View of the Archival Community on the Settling of Disputed Claims”: Position Paper Adopted by the Executive Committee of the International Council on Archives at Its Meeting in Guangzhou, 10–13 April 1995
    • VIII. Official Act of Transfer from Prague and Select Communiqués Concerning the Ukrainian Historical Cabinet (U/K) under the Ministry of the Interior of the Czechoslovak Republic (October 1945) [in English translation]
    • IX. OMGUS Report on Restitution of Soviet Cultural Property, Property Division, Restitution Branch, Richard F. Howard, Deputy Chief for Cultural Restitution (MFA&A), Karlsruhe, Germany, 20 September 1948
    • X. Recommendations of the UNESCO Conference on Cultural Return, Kyiv, December 1996
  • Selected Illustrations
  • Bibliography
    • I. Archival Sources
    • II. International Legal Documentation
    • III. National Legal Documentation
    • IV. Symposia and Conference Proceedings, Collective Volumes, Series, and Serial Publications Relating to Cultural Valuables and Restitution
    • V. Collections of Published Documents
    • VI. Catalogs of Lost, Displaced, and Trophy Culture Treasures
    • VII. Secondary Literature
  • Index

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