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Carpatho-Ukraine in the Twentieth Century

A Political and Legal History

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Publication Date: 05/01/1998


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Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute


This volume is a welcome contribution to the history of this ancient Ukrainian Rus’ land located south of the Carpathain mountains. Written by an individual who played an important role as the representative of this land in Czechoslovak government circles during the years leading up to World War II, this book offers new documentary evidence on the incorporation of this land in the Czechoslovak republic, its geopolitical importance, Hungarian, Polish, and German maneuvering in the region, the eventual dependence, and the region’s incorporation into the Ukrainian SSR in 1945...The book is very welcome, not only for its insights into the workings of the internal machinery of Czechoslovakia in the interwar period and especially in 1938, but as a lesson for statesmen of today who in a highly fractious world have to deal with similar problems in the Balkans and various countries of Africa that continue to suffer the legacy of their imperialist past.—Peter J. Potichnyj, Slavic Review

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