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Independent Belarus

Domestic Determinants, Regional Dynamics, and Implications for the West

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ISBN 9780916458942

Publication Date: 04/30/2003


512 pages

1 map, 3 line drawings, 19 tables

Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute


  • Acknowledgments
  • Technical Note
  • List of Contributors
  • Abbreviations
  • Map of Belarus
  • Introduction [Margarita M. Balmaceda, James I. Ciem, Lisbeth L. Tarlow]
  • Domestic Politics
    • Belarusian Public Opinion and the Union with Russia [Timothy J. Colton]
    • The Opposition in Belarus: History, Potential and Perspectives [David R. Marples and Uladzimir Padhol]
    • The Lukashenka Phenomenon [Rainer Lindner]
  • The Belarusian Economy
    • The Belarusian Economy: Is It Sustainable? [Patricia Brukoff]
    • Possibilities for the Development of a Private Economic Sector and a Middle Class as a Source of Political Change in Belarus [Leonid Zlotnikov]
    • Belarus as a Transit Route: Domestic and Foreign Policy Implications [Margarita M. Balmaceda]
  • Russia and Belarus: Mutual Percrptions and Influences
    • Lukashenka’s Role in Russian Politics [Arkady Moshes]
    • Russia’s Varied Roles in Belarus [Andrei Sannikov]
    • Belarus and Russia: The Game of Virtual Integration [Yuri Drakokhrust and Dmitri Furman]
  • Belarus and European Society
    • The Security Dimension in the Future of Belarus [John C. Reppert]
    • Power and the Yamal Pipeline [Astrid Sahmn and Kirsten Westphal]
    • The Belarus Factor in the European Policy of Ukraine [Hrihoriy Perepelytsia]
    • Lithuania and Belarus: Different Paths on the Way Back to the Future [Algirdas Gricius]
    • Belarus: Poland’s Strange Neighbor [Agnieszka Magdziak-Miszewska]
  • The Belarusian Challenge for the West: Strategies for Engagement
    • The Role of International Organizations in Belarus [Hans-Georg Wieck]
    • The Belarusian Policy Dilemma [Sherman Garnett]
    • The NGO Approach: Possibilities for Positive Engagement in Belarus [Elaine M. Conkievich]
    • The Challenge of Using NGOs as a Strategy for Engagement [Caryn Wilde]
  • Appendix. Charter ’97 (in Belarusian and English)
  • Index

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