Cover: Book of Gifts and Rarities (Kitāb al-Hadāyā wa al-Tuḥaf) in PAPERBACK

Harvard Middle Eastern Monographs 29

Book of Gifts and Rarities (Kitāb al-Hadāyā wa al-Tuḥaf)

Selections Compiled in the Fifteenth Century from an Eleventh-Century Manuscript on Gifts and Treasures

Translated with commentary by Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi

Foreword by Oleg Grabar

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$23.00 • £18.95 • €20.50

ISBN 9780932885135

Publication Date: 09/01/1996


551 pages

6 x 9 inches

28 color illustrations,3 maps, 1 line illustration

Harvard Middle Eastern Monographs


  • Forewords by Oleg Grabar and Annemarie Schimmel
  • Acknowledgments
  • Note to the Reader
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Translation
    • The Author’s Preface
    • 1. Chapter on Gifts (Paragraphs 1–106)
    • 2. Chapter on Expenditures on Famous Wedding Banquets and Memorable Parties (Paragraphs 107–132)
    • 3. Chapter on Famous Circumcision Feasts and Well-known Celebrations for Proficiency in Reading the Qur’ān (Paragraphs 133–158)
    • 4. Chapter on Notable Days and Gatherings on Special Occasions and Crowded Festivities (Paragraphs 159–174)
    • 5. Chapter on Exotic Objects and Safeguarded Treasures (Paragraphs 175–358)
    • 6. Chapter on Booty in Conquests and Shares in Raids (Paragraphs 359–367)
    • 7. Chapter on References to Treasures, Treasure Troves, Ancient Buried Treasures, and to [the People] Who Found Them (Paragraphs 368–369)
    • 8. Chapter on Expenditures (Paragraphs 370–414)
  • III. Notes to the Translation
  • Bibliography
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Appendices
    • 1. Topically Arranged List of Contents
    • 2. Summaries of the Paragraphs
    • 3. Suggested Rearrangement of Hamidullah’s Paragraph Divisions
    • 4. Chronological Table
  • Indices
    • 1. People
    • 2. Places
    • 3. Weights and Measures
  • Ground Plan for the Palace at Bakuwara
  • Maps of the Islamic World
  • About the Editor

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