Cover: Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 5: 1985 in PAPERBACK

Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 5: 1985

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Publication Date: 11/30/2006


  • Three Irish Manuscripts in Massachusetts [Kenneth E. Nilsen]
  • Unity and Duality? A Theoretical Perspective on the Ambivalence of Celtic Goddesses [Maria Tymoczko]
  • Resumptive Pronouns in Irish [Viviane Deprez And Ken Hale]
  • Kinship Law or Number Symbolism: Models of Distributive Justice in Old Irish Law [Nerys Patterson]
  • Sovereignty Aspects in the Roles of Women in Medieval Irish and Welsh Society [James E. Doan]
  • St. Malachy the Irishman: Kinship, Clan, and Reform [Dorothy C. Africa]
  • The Beautiful Women and the Warriors in the LL TBC and in Twelfth-Century Neo-Classical Rhetoric [Dorothy Dilts Swartz]
  • Unwise and Unlovable: Translation in the Early Days of the Gaelic Revival [Philip O’Leary]
  • Meven Mordiern’s Celtic Calling [Reun Ar C’halan]
  • A Glossarial Index of Nouns and Adjectives in Irish Grammatical Tracts II-IV [John Armstrong]

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