Cover: Indigenous Traditions and Ecology in PAPERBACK

Indigenous Traditions and Ecology

The Interbeing of Cosmology and Community

Edited by John A. Grim

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ISBN 9780945454281

Publication Date: 07/15/2001


824 pages

6 x 9 inches

23 halftones, 17 line illustrations, 4 maps, 6 tables

Center for the Study of World Religions > Religions of the World and Ecology


Related Subjects

  • Preface [Lawrence F. Sullivan]
  • Series Foreword [Mary Evelyn Tucker and John A. Grim]
  • Introduction [John A. Grim]
  • Prologue [Richard Nelson]
  • Maps of Indigenous Peoples
  • 1. Fragmented Communities
    • Intellectual Property Rights and the Sacred Balance: Some Spiritual Consequences from the Commercialization of Traditional Resources [Darrell Addison Posey]
    • Contextualizing the Environmental Struggle [Tom Greaves]
    • In the Eye of the Storm: Tribal Peoples of India [Pradip Prabhu]
    • Shoot the Horse to Get the Rider: Religion and Forest Politics in Bentian Borneo [Stephanie Fried]
  • 2. Complex Cosmologies
    • Nature and Culture: Problematic Concepts for Native Americans [Jack D. Forbes]
    • Local Knowledges, Global Claims: On the Significance of Indigenous Ecologies in Sarawak, East Malaysia [J. Peter Brosius]
    • Is Indigenous Spiritual Ecology Just a New Fad? Reflections on the Historical and Spiritual Ecology of Hawai’i [Leslie E. Sponsel]
    • The Road to Heaven: Jakaltek Maya Beliefs, Religion, and the Ecology [Victor D. Montejo]
    • Tapu, Mana, Mauri, Hau, Wairua: A Mäori Philosophy of Vitalism and Cosmos [Manuka Henare]
  • 3. Embedded Worldviews
    • The Sacred Egg: Worldview, Ecology, and Development in West Africa [Ogbu U. Kalu]
    • Melanesian Religion, Ecology, and Modernization in Papua New Guinea [Simeon B. Namunu]
    • Interface between Traditional Religion and Ecology among the Igorots [Victoria Tauli-Corpuz]
    • Religion, Ritual, and Agriculture among the Present-Day Nahua of Mesoamerica [Javier Galicia Silva]
    • The Life and Bounty of the Mesoamerican Sacred Mountain [Maria Elena Bernal-Garcia]
    • Calabash Trees and Cacti in the Indigenous Ritual Selection of Environments for Settlement in Colonial Mesoamerica [Angel Julian Garcia Zambrano]
    • Warao Spiritual Ecology [Werner Wilbert]
  • 4. Resistance and Regeneration
    • Hunting, Nature, and Metaphor: Political and Discursive Strategies in James Bay Cree Resistance and Autonomy [Harvey A. Feit]
    • Sovereignty and Swaraj: Adivasi Encounters with Modernity and Majority [Smitu Kothari]
    • Respecting the Land: Religion, Reconciliation, and Romance—An Australian Story [Diane Bell]
    • Kumarangk: The Survival of a Battered People [Tom Trevorrow and Ellen Trevorrow]
    • Contemporary Native American Responses to Environmental Threats in Indian Country [Tirso A. Gonzales and Melissa K. Nelson]
  • 5. Liberative Ecologies
    • A Guest on the Table: Ecology from the Yup’ik Eskimo Point of View [Ann Fienup-Riordan]
    • Learning from Ecological Ethnicities: Toward a Plural Political Ecology of Knowledge [Pramod Parajuli]
    • Changing Habits, Changing Habitats: Melanesian Environmental Knowledge [Mary N. MacDonald]
    • Indigenous Education and Ecology: Perspectives of an American Indian Educator [Gregory Cajete]
    • Andean Cosmovision and the Nurturing of Biodiversity [Julio Valladolid and Frédérique Apffel-Marglin]
  • Select Bibliography
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Index

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