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Religion and Nationalism in Iraq

A Comparative Perspective

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Publication Date: 03/01/2007


  • Introduction [David Little and Donald Swearer]
  • 1. Case Study: Iraq [Map]
    • The Rise of Religious and Ethnic Mass Politics in Iraq [Juan Cole]
    • Iraq after the January 2005 Elections [Summary of paper by Yitzakh Nakash]
    • Kurds and Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites: Can an Iraqi Identity be Salvaged? [Phebe Marr]
    • Summary of Iraq Discussion
  • 2. Case Study: Sri Lanka [Map]
    • The Malaise of Contemporary Sri Lankan Society [H. L. Seneviratne]
    • Religion and Nationalism in Recent Peace Initiatives in Sri Lanka [Rohan Edrisinha]
    • Summary of Sri Lanka Discussion
  • 3. Case Study: Sudan [Map]
    • Sudan’s 1998 Draft Constitution: Should It Be Required Reading for the Leaders of the New Iraq? [Ann Elizabeth Mayer]
    • Darfur, Sudan: Ethnicity, Islam, and Citizenship [Alex De Waal]
    • Summary of Sudan Discussion
  • 4. Case Study: Bosnia and Herzegovina [Map]
    • Pilgrimage and “Ethnic Cleansing” in Herzegovina [Michael Sells]
    • Is Religion Disengaging Itself from Ethnic Conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina? [Paul Mojzes]
    • Summary of Bosnia and Final Discussions
  • Appendices
    • I. Author Biographies and List of Attendees
    • II. Sri Lanka Background
    • III. Sudan Background
    • IV. Bosnia and Herzegovina Background

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