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Music in Time

Phenomenology, Perception, Performance

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  • Preface
  • I. Experiencing Time
    • Time and Time Again: On Hearing Reinecke [Nicholas Cook]
    • Musical Time, Embodied and Reflected [Lawrence M. Zbikowski]
    • Ethnomusicologists and Questions of Temporality [Stephen Blum]
  • II. Knowing the Score
    • Notation Is One Thing, Analysis Another, Musical Experience a Third: What Can They Have To Do With One Another? [Robert Morris]
    • The Modern Score and Its Seven Modes of Performance [Eugene Narmour]
  • III. The Passage of Time, Holding Time Still
    • On the Last Measure of Schubert’s String Quartet [Scott Burnham]
    • In Time with Christopher Hasty: On Becoming a Performer of Robert Schumann’s Davidsbündlertänze, op. 6 [Janet Schmalfeldt]
    • Shaping Time [Jeanne Bamberger]
  • IV. Finding Time: The Body and Parsing Rhythm and Meter
    • Meter, Entertainment, and Voice in The King’s Speech [Eugene Montague]
    • Doing the Time Warp in Seventeenth-Century Music [Susan McClary]
    • When Swing Doesn’t Swing: Competing Conceptions of an Early Twentieth-Century Rhythmic Quality [Matthew Butterfield]
  • V. “Thisness” and Particularities
    • Off the Grid: Hasty and Musical Novelty in Smooth Time [Brian Hulse]
    • Theory, as a Music [Martin Brody]
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Bibliography
  • General Index

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