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Litigating Health Rights

Can Courts Bring More Justice to Health?

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Publication Date: 09/12/2011


446 pages

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54 figures, charts, and graphs

Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School > Human Rights Program Series


  • Acknowledgments
  • I. Introduction
    • 1. Introduction: Can Litigation Bring Justice to Health? [Siri Gloppen and Mindy Jane Roseman]
    • 2. Litigating Health Rights: Framing the Analysis [Siri Gloppen]
  • II. Case Studies
    • 3. Argentina: Courts and the Right to Health: Achieving Fairness Despite “Routinization” in Individual Coverage Cases? [Paola Bergallo]
    • 4. Brazil: Health Inequalities, Rights, and Courts: The Social Impact of the Judicialization of Health [Octavio L. Motta Ferraz]
    • 5. Colombia: Judicial Protection of the Right to Health: An Elusive Promise? [Alicia Ely Yamin, Oscar Parra-Vera, and Camila Gianella]
    • 6. Costa Rica: Health Rights Litigation: Causes and Consequences [Bruce M. Wilson]
    • 7. India: Citizens, Courts, and the Right to Health: Between Promise and Progress? [Sharanjeet Parmar and Namita Wahi]
    • 8. South Africa: Health Rights Litigation: Cautious Constitutionalism [Carole Cooper]
  • III. Cross-Cutting Issues
    • 9. Dialogic Justice in the Enforcement of Social Rights: Some Initial Arguments [Roberto Gargarella]
    • 10. Litigating the Right to Health: Are Transnational Actors Backseat Driving? [Mindy Jane Roseman and Siri Gloppen]
    • 11. Assessing the Impact of Health Rights Litigation: A Comparative Analysis of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, and South Africa [Ottar Mœstad, Lise Rakner, and Octavio L. Motta Ferraz]
    • 12. Litigating for Medicines: How Can We Assess Impact on Health Outcomes? [Ole Frithjof Norheim and Siri Gloppen]
  • IV. Conclusion
    • 13. Power, Suffering, and Courts: Reflections on Promoting Health Rights through Judicialization [Alicia Ely Yamin]
  • References
  • Contributors
  • Index
  • Index of Cases and Laws

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