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Houghton Library Studies 3

Ambrosiana at Harvard

New Sources of Milanese Chant

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ISBN 9780981885803

Publication Date: 08/30/2010


172 pages

6-7/8 x 10 inches

120 color illustrations, 100 halftones

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Related Subjects

  • Illustrations
  • Tables
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Study 1. Milanese Chant in the Monastery? Notes on a Reunited Ambrosian Manuscript [Jessica Berenbeim and Matthias Röder]
  • Study 2. Long-lost Siblings? Houghton’s Summer Manuscript and its Possible Counterpart [Matthew Mugmon]
  • Study 3. In Defense of Green Lines, or The Notation of B-flat in Early Ambrosian Antiphoners [Anna Zayaruznaya]
  • Study 4. Ambrosian Chant: New Manuscripts and New Problems [Angelo Rusconi]
  • Study 5. The Notation of Ambrosian Chant in the Eleventh Century [Thomas Forrest Kelly]
  • Study 6. Psalmody in the Ambrosian Rite [Observations on Liturgy and Music [Michel Huglo]
  • Study 7. Christmas Masses in the Ambrosian Liturgy [Terence Bailey]
  • Study 8. The Making and Breaking of Restrictive Chains: A Closer Look at the Melodiae of Ambrosian Chant [Sasha Siem]
  • Study 9. Responsory Verse Formulas in the Ambrosian Winter Repertory [John Z. McKay]

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