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Houghton Library Studies 4

A Lakota War Book from the Little Bighorn

The Pictographic "Autobiography of Half Moon"

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ISBN 9780981885865

Publication Date: 12/23/2013


368 pages

7 x 10 inches

200 color illustrations, 10 halftones, 2 maps

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Peabody Museum Press

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  • List of Figures*
  • Editor’s Preface [William Stoneman, Florence Ferrington Librarian of Houghton Library]
  • Foreword: A View from Cheyenne River [Chief Joseph Brings Plenty]
  • Acknowledgments
  • A Lakota War Book from the Little Bighorn
    • Introduction
    • I. Provenance and History
      • The Ledger and the Little Bighorn
      • A Life History of the Ledger
      • Creating the “Autobiography of Half Moon”
    • II. Ledger Art and War Books
      • Ledger Art and Ledger Studies
      • War Books
      • The Houghton Ledger as Object
    • III. The Drawings
      • The Artists and Their Stories
        • Artist A: The Lakota Sahiyela
        • Artist B: The Blue Roan Warrior
        • Artist C: The Bonnet Man
        • Artist D: The Heyoka
        • Artist E: Thunder Hawk
        • Artist F: The Decoy
        • Miscellaneous Drawings
      • Summary of Diagnostic Content in the Drawings
    • Conclusion
  • The Pictorial Autobiography of Half Moon: An Uncpapa Sioux Chief: A Facsimile
  • Appendix A. Indian Combat Casualties of the Little Bighorn
  • Appendix B. English Annotations on Palimpsest Pages
  • Appendix C. War Books in Other Collections
  • Appendix D. Drawings Grouped by Artist
  • Glossary of Lakota Terms Used in the Text
  • References Cited
  • Index
  • * Figures
    • Frontispiece: Map of the Plains Indian wars and overland trails
    • 1. “Custer’s Charge,” Harper’s Weekly, 1864
    • 2. James W. “Phocion” Howard
    • 3. Sitting Bull, 1885
    • 4. Sitting Bull drawing, Chicago Tribune, 1876
    • 5. Map of the Little Bighorn battlefield site
    • 6. Crescent moon and turtle drawings on shields
    • 7. Miners panning for gold in Montana
    • 8. Red Cloud, circa 1880
    • 9. F. O. C. Darley, Emigrants Crossing the Plains
    • 10. F. O. C. Darley frontispiece copied for Howard’s introduction
    • 11. Drawing on infantry roster from Sitting Bull’s “autobiography”
    • 12. Lakota pictographic bison robe (detail)
    • 13. Spanish letter of commendation and case
    • 14. Montana Post advertisement for account ledgers, 1867
    • 15. Hoof prints and bullet traces (detail)
    • 16. Red Dog wearing an otter-hide “turban”
    • 17. Otter-hide turban from Half Moon ledger drawing (detail)
    • 18. Lakota shield with American eagle iconography
    • 19. Warrior’s metal hair plates
    • 20. Strung metal hair plates in drawing by Artist B (detail)
    • 21. Dog Soldier drawing from the Abbott ledger
    • 22. Lakota shield with supernatural iconography
    • 23. Little Wolf ledger drawing
    • 24. Ewers ledger drawing
    • 25. Eagle feather bonnet given to General Crook, 1877
    • 26. Crazy Dog ledger drawing

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