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Who Decides the Budget?

A Political Economy Analysis of the Budget Process in Latin America

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$29.95 • £26.95 • €27.95

ISBN 9781597820899

Publication Date: 09/30/2009


304 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

30 line illustrations, 11 tables

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

World, subsidiary rights restricted

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  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Authors
  • 1. A New Framework [Carlos Scartascini and Ernesto Stein]
  • 2. Who Decides on Public Expenditures? The Importance of the Informal Budget Process in Argentina [Emmanuel Abuelafia, Sergio Berensztein, Miguel Braun, and Luciano di Gresia]
  • 3. Presidential Power, Fiscal Responsibility Laws, and the Allocation of Spending: The Case of Brazil [Lee Alston, Marcus Melo, Bernardo Mueller, and Carlos Pereira]
  • 4. Changes in Fiscal Outcomes in Colombia: The Role of the Budget Process [Mauricio Cárdenas, Carolina Mejía, and Mauricio Olivera]
  • 5. Institutional Reforms, Budget Politics, and Fiscal Outcomes in Ecuador [Andrés Mejí Acosta, Vicente Albornoz, and M. Caridad Araujo]
  • 6. Weakened Policymaking Process, Deteriorating Fiscal Outcomes: The Case of Paraguay [José R. Molinas, Aníbal Pérez-Liñán, and Mark Hallerberg, with the collaboration of Audrey Morgan]
  • 7. Success in Sustainability? The Case of Peru [Luis Carranza, Jorge F. Chávez, and José Valderrama]
  • 8. Fiscal Rules that Fit Political Cycles: The Case of Uruguay [Juan Andrés Moraes, Daniel Chasquetti, and Mario Bergara]
  • 9. Oil Wealth, the Changing Political Structure, and the Budget Process: The Case of Venezuela [José Manuel Puente, Abelardo Daza, Germán Rios, and Alesia Rodríguez]
  • 10. The Budget Process as a Political Arena [Mark Hallerberg, Carlos Scartascini, and Ernesto Stein]

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