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Export Pioneers in Latin America

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$29.95 • £23.95 • €27.00

ISBN 9781597821414

Publication Date: 06/11/2012


326 pages

6 x 9 inches

20 b&w illustrations; 24 tables

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

World, subsidiary rights restricted

  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • 1. Self-Discovery as a Coordination Problem [Charles Sabel]
  • 2. The Emergence of Blueberry Exports in Argentina [Gabriel Sánchez, Inés Butler, Ricardo Rozemberg, and Hernán Ruffo]
  • 3. The Emergence of Fresh Cut-Flower Exports in Colombia [María Angélica Arbeláez, Marcela Meléndez, and Nicolás León]
  • 4. The Rise and Fall of Furniture Exports in São Bento do Sul, Brazil [Angela da Rocha, Beatriz Kury, and Joana Monteiro]
  • 5. The Emergence and Consolidation of the Chilean Wine Industry [Manuel Agosin and Claudio Bravo-Ortega]
  • 6. Market Failures and Free Trade: Hass Avocados in Mexico [Edgar Aragón]
  • 7. Soybeans in the Savannahs of Brazil [Joana Monteiro, Angela da Rocha, Beatriz Kury, and Alexandre Darzé]
  • 8. Pork in Brazil [Regis Bonelli and Armando Castelar Pinheiro]
  • 9. The Aircraft Industry in Brazil (Embraer) [Armando Castelar Pinheiro and Regis Bonelli]
  • 10. Software Discovery in Uruguay: Public–Private Solutions to Coordination Failures [Michele Snoeck and Lucía Pittaluga]
  • 11. Animal Vaccines in Uruguay: A Truncated Discovery Process [Lucía Pittaluga and Michele Snoeck]
  • 12. TV Formats in Argentina [Alejandro Artopoulos, Daniel Friel, and Juan Carlos Hallak]
  • Contributors

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