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A Principality of its Own

40 Years of Visual Arts at the Americas Society

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ISBN 9781879128316

Publication Date: 05/15/2007


  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword [Patricia Phelps de Cisneros]
  • Introduction: Tract of Time [Gabriela Rangel M.]
  • I. Institutional History
    • Latin American Art at the Americas Society: A Principality of its Own [Beverly Adams]
    • Looking South: Strategic Visions, Tactical Revisions [Luís Pérez Oramas]
    • Exhibitions and Narrations: Argentine Art at the CIAR/AS [Andrea Giunta]
    • The Americas Society and the Invention of the History of Brazilian Photography [Paulo Herkenhoff]
    • Between the National and Transnational: Aspects of Exhibiting Modern and Contemporary Mexican Art at the Americas Society [Anna Indych-López]
    • Pan-American Visions and the Exhibition of Colonial Art at the Americas Society 1976–1997 [Sofia Sanabrais]
  • II. Artist’s Project
    • Incas Room [A project by Alexander Apóstol]
  • III. Moments, Media, and Themes
    • About Thirty Years Ago: Michael Snow’s 1972 Solo Exhibition [John Pruitt]
    • Resources of the Real: Latin American Photography at the Americas Society, 1967–2006 [José Luis Falconi]
    • Media, Sculpture, Myth [Alex Alberro]
    • A Situation of Time: Despite Geometry, Beyond the Universal [Nicolas Guegnini]
    • Reticulárea: Module and Version [Gabriela Rangel M.]
  • IV. Memoirs and Critiques
    • The Museo Latinoamericano and MICLA [Luis Camnitzer]
    • Backyard’s Memory [Cecilia Brunson]
    • On the Same Track: The Americas Society and the Development of Latin American Art History in the United States [Thomas B.F. Cummins, interviewed by José Luis Falconi]
    • Opening Doors to Vast and Varied Worlds: Latin American Art and the Role of the Americas Society in Post-NAFTA Era [Mary Schneider Enriquez]
  • Afterword: Tractable Times [José Luis Falconi]
  • Book Contributors
  • Exhibition Timeline

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