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The Paterik of the Kievan Caves Monastery

Translated by Muriel Heppell

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ISBN 9781932650075

Publication Date: 03/31/2011


  • Editorial Statement
  • Preface [Sir Dimitri Obolensky]
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction [Muriel Heppell]
  • Map
  • The Paterik of the Kievan Caves Monastery
    • Discourse 1: Concerning the building of the church
    • Discourse 2: Arrival of the craftsmen from Constantinople
    • Discourse 3: When the church of the Caves Monastery was founded
    • Discourse 4: The coming of the church-painters
    • Discourse 5: A miracle concerning Ioann and Sergij
    • Discourse 6: The holy table and the consecration of the great Church
    • Discourse 7: An account of why the Caves Monastery is so called
    • Discourse 8: The Life of our venerable father Feodosij
    • Discourse 9: The translation of the relics of Feodosij
    • Discourse 10: The decoration of Feodosij’s coffin
    • Discourse 11: An encomium to our venerable father Feodosij
    • Discourse 12: The first monks of the Caves Monastery
    • Discourse 13: How Nifont saw Feodosij in a divine revelation
    • Discourse 14: An epistle from the bishop Simon to Polikorp
    • Discourse 15: Simon’s narrative about the holy monks
    • Discourse 16: Blessed Evstratij the Faster
    • Discourse 17: The meek and long-suffering monk Nikon
    • Discourse 18: The holy martyr Kuksa and Pimin the Faster
    • Discourse 19: Holy Afanasij the Solitary
    • Discourse 20: The venerable Svjatosa
    • Discourse 21: The monk Erazm
    • Discourse 22: The monk Arefa
    • Discourse 23: The priest Tit and the deacon Evagrij
    • Discourse 24: A second epistle, to Archimandrite Akindin
    • Discourse 25: Nikita the Solitary
    • Discourse 26: Laverentij the Solitary
    • Discourse 27: The holy and blessed Agapit
    • Discourse 28: Holy Grigorij the Miracle-worker
    • Discourse 29: The much-suffering Ioann the Solitary
    • Discourse 30: Venerable Moisej the Hungarian
    • Discourse 31: The monk Proxor
    • Discourse 32: Venerable Iviarko the Cave-dweller
    • Discourse 33: The holy venerable fathers Feodor and Vasilij
    • Discourse 34: Spiridon the baker and Alimpij the Icon-painter
    • Discourse 35: The venerable and long-suffering father Pimin
    • Discourse 36: Venerable Isaakij the Cave-dweller
    • Discourse 37: The pious prince Izjaslav’ s inquiry
    • Discourse 38: The death of Polikarp, and the priest Vasilij
  • Appendix I: The Sources of Discourse 7
  • Appendix II: Letter of Patriarch Nicholas Mouzalon to Nifont
  • Appendix III: Suggested Reconstruction of Polikaip’s Dedicatory Letter
  • Appendix IV: Isaakij the Cave-dweller and the “Jurodstvo” Tradition
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Biblical References
  • Index of Greek Terms
  • Index of Slavonic Terms
  • Index

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