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After the Holodomor

The Enduring Impact of the Great Famine on Ukraine

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  • Contributors
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction [Andrea Graziosi, Lubomyr A. Hajda, and Halyna Hryn]
  • Keynote Address for the Holodomor Conference, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 17–18 November 2008 [Nicholas Werth]
  • Part I. Short-Term Consequences
    • The Holodomor and Its Consequences in the Ukrainian Countryside [Stanislav Kul’chyts’kyi]
    • The Impact of the Great Famine on Ukrainian Cities: Evidence from Polish Archives [Robert Kuśnierz]
    • Complicating the National Interpretation of the Famine: Reexamining the Case of Kuban [Brian J. Boeck]
    • Reactions to the Famine in Poland [Roman Wysocki]
    • The Kremlin’s Nationality Policy in Ukraine after the Holodomor of 1932–33 [Hennadii Yefimenko]
    • The Holodomor: A Prologue to Repressions and Terror in Soviet Ukraine [Yuri Shapoval]
    • Dehumanization: The Change in the Moral and Ethical Consciousness of Soviet Citizens as a Result of Collectivization and Famine [Sergei Maksudov]
    • Comments on the Short-Term Consequences [Oleg Khlevniuk]
  • Part II. Long-Term Consequences
    • The Great Famine in Light of the German Invasion and Occupation [Karel C. Berkhoff]
    • Famine in Ukraine after the Second World War [Oleksandra Veselova]
    • Population Losses in the Holodomor and the Destruction of Related Archives: New Archival Evidence [Hennadii Boriak]
    • Demographic Consequences of the Great Famine: Then and Now [France Meslé, Jacques Vallin, and Evgeny Andreev]
    • Comments on the Demographic Consequences of the Holodomor [Oleh Wolowyna]
    • The Holodomor through the Eyes of the Soviet Ukrainian Leadership, 1950–1980 [Valeriy Vasylyev]
    • The Holodomor and the Contemporary Ukrainian Writer [Volodymyr Dibrova]
  • Index

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