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The Battle for Ukrainian

A Comparative Perspective

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Publication Date: 07/10/2017


  • Contributors
  • Introduction [Michael S. Flier and Andrea Graziosi]
  • 1. The Ukrainian Language Question: Linguistics, History, Politics
    • Ukrainian—Russian: Poles Apart? [Michael S. Flier]
    • Against All Odds: Ukrainian in the Russian Empire in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century [Johannes Remy]
    • The “Doubling of Hallelujah” for the “Bastard Tongue”: The Ukrainian Language Question in Russian Ukraine, 1905–1916 [Andrii Danylenko]
    • The Fate of the “Ruthenian or Little Russian” (Ukrainian) Language in Austrian Galicia (1772–1867) [Michael A. Moser]
    • Ukrainian in Austria-Hungary (1905–1918) and Interwar Eastern Europe (1918–1939) [Jan Fellerer]
    • An Empire of Substitutions: The Language Factor in the Russian Revolution [Michael G. Smith]
    • Bolshevik Language Policy as a Reflection of the Ideas and Practice of Communist Construction, 1919–1933 [Hennadii Yefimenko]
    • Language Policy as a Political Linguistics: The Implicit Model of Linguistics in the Discussion of the Norms of Ukrainian and Belarusian in the 1930s [Patrick Sériot]
    • The Ukrainian Language under Totalitarianism and Total War [Yurii Shapoval]
    • Wings to Lift the Truth Up High: The Role of Language for the Shistdesiatnyky [Simone A. Bellezza]
    • Language, Status, and State Loyalty in Ukraine [Dominique Arel]
    • Language Attitudes in Independent Ukraine: Differentiation and Evolution [Volodymyr Kulyk]
    • Purism and Pluralism: Language Use Trends in Popular Culture in Ukraine since Independence [Laada Bilaniuk]
    • Ukrainian Language Legislation and the National Crisis [Bohdan Azhniuk]
  • 2. Models for Comparison
    • Language, Politics, and the State(s): Reflections from Ireland [Tony Crowley]
    • The Rise and Dynamics of the Normative Isomorphism of Language, Nation, and State in Central Europe [Tomasz Kamusella]
    • When the West Meets the East: Slavia Romana at the Crossroads [Anita Peti-Stantić]
    • The Formation of the Finnish Polity within the Russian Empire: Language, Representation, and the Construction of Popular Political Platforms, 1863–1906 [Jussi Kurunmäki and Ilkka Liikanen]
    • The Divergent Fates of Yiddish and Hebrew [Zvi Gitelman]
    • When is Language a Language? The Case of Former Yugoslavia [Robert D. Greenberg]
    • India and the Soviet Model: The Linguistic State Reorganization and the Problem of Hindi [Andrea Graziosi]
    • After Status Reversal: The Use of Titular Languages and Russian in the Baltic Countries [Martin Ehala]
    • The Art of Defining Linguistic Minorities in Quebec and Canada [François Charbonneau]
  • Index

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