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New Geographies, 6

Grounding Metabolism

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$24.95 • £19.95 • €22.50

ISBN 9781934510377

Publication Date: 08/11/2014


192 pages

60 color illustrations, 20 black and white illustrations, 10 maps

Harvard Graduate School of Design > New Geographies


  • Editorial [Daniel Ibañez & Nikos Katsikis]
  • Toward a Singular Metabolism: Epistemic Rifts and Environment-Making in the Capitalist World-Ecology [Jason W. Moore]
  • Ecologies of the Anthropocene: Global Upscaling of Social-Ecological Infrastructures [Erle C. Ellis]
  • Understanding and Designing the Metabolism of Urban Systems [Peter Baccini]
  • Urbanism as Cyborganicity: Tracking the Materialities of the Anthropocene [Timothy W. Luke]
  • Petrified Metabolism as Urban Artifact: Tells and Artificial Topographies in the Khabur Basin, Syria [Roi Salgueiro Barrio, Aanya Chugh & Maynard León]
  • Urban Metabolism: Persistent Questions and Current Developments [Sabine Barles]
  • On Circulations and Metabolisms: Challenges and Prospects [Matthew Gandy in Conversation with Daniel Ibañez & Nikos Katsikis]
  • The Valley Region—From Figure of Thought to Figure on the Ground [Volker M. Welter]
  • After Habitat, Environment [Hadas A. Steiner]
  • On Metabolism and the Metabolists [Ken Tadashi Oshima in Conversation with Daniel Ibañez & Nikos Katsikis]
  • Nature Is the Dummy: Circulations of the Metabolic [Douglas Spencer]
  • Resource Extraction Urbanism and the Post-Oil Landscape of Venezuela [Felipe Correa & Tomás Folch]
  • Ephemeral Urbanism: Learning from Pop-up Cities [Rahul Mehrotra & Felipe Vera]
  • Territorialism I [Paola Viganò]
  • Hassi Messaoud Oil Urbanism [Rania Ghosn & El Hadi Jazairy]
  • Moscow after Moscow [Reinier de Graaf / OMA]
  • Barcelona 5.0: The Self-Sufficient City [Vicente Guallart]
  • Toward a Thermodynamic Urban Design [Philippe Rahm]
  • The Nonmodern Struggle for Maximum Entropy [Kiel Moe]
  • Ecology 5.0 [Pierre Bélanger]
  • “Projective Views on Urban Metabolism”: Conference Postscript [Daniel Daou & Pablo Pérez Ramos]

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