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Common Frameworks

Rethinking the Developmental City in China

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ISBN 9781934510537

Publication Date: 10/24/2016


328 pages

9 x 11-3/4 inches

225 color illustrations, 75 halftones, 150 line illustrations, 25 maps

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  • Foreword [Mohsen Mostafavi]
  • Preface [Christopher C. M. Lee]
  • Introduction [Christopher C. M. Lee]
  • The Megaplot
    • Essays
      • The City as a Common Framework: Rethinking the Developmental City in China [Christopher C. M. Lee]
      • Ten Thousand Things: Notes on a Construct of Largeness, Multiplicity, and Moral Statehood [Jianfei Zhu]
      • Spatialization of the Collective: Logic and Dialectics of Urban Forms in the Chinese City of the 1950s [Ling Fan]
    • Analysis
      • Xiamen: A City of Three Types [Yuan Zhan, Roy Yu-Ta Lin, and Dingliang Yang]
    • Projects
      • The Xiamen Studio: An Introduction [Christopher C. M. Lee]
      • Xiamen as Green Archipelago [Sonja Cheng and Waqas Jawaid]
      • The Collective Perimeter [Aanya Chugh and Lik Hang Gu]
      • The Two Sides [Roy Yu-Ta Lin]
      • The City Room: Captures of Xiamen [Ryan Otterson and Michael Leef]
      • Sequential Urbanism [Ryley Poblete]
      • Production of Nature: Reframing Xiamen [Matthew Scarlett and Jisoo Yang]
      • The Urban Sift: Exacerbated Proximities [John Martin Tubles and Jonghyun Yi]
  • Cross-Border City
    • Essays
      • The Border as a City [Christopher C. M. Lee]
      • Borderlands as Urban Space: Contexts for 21st-Century Chinese Cities [Piper Gaubatz]
      • Macau and Its Borders [Peter G. Rowe and Har Ye Kan]
    • Analysis
      • Macau: Structure of the City [Fabiana Alvear, Hao Chen, Yun Fu, Jing Guo, Navajeet K. C., Chen Hao Lin, Josh Schecter, Ashley Takacs, and Gabriel Tomasulo]
      • Macau: Land Reclamation [Fabiana Alvear, Hao Chen, and Jing Guo]
    • Projects
      • The Macau Studio: An Introduction [Christopher C. M. Lee]
      • Collective Border: The Latent Project of Gongbei [Yun Fu and Chen Hao Lin]
      • Urban Respite: Reframing Density [Yatian Li and Mina Nishio]
      • A Few Sharp Lines [Ashley Takacs and Gabriel Tomasulo]
      • Marked Difference: Inscribing the City of Parts [Navajeet K. C. and Josh Schecter]
      • Spaces of Exception: Housing as a Common Framework for Cotai [Fabiana Alvear, Hao Chen, and Jing Guo]
      • The Distributed Border [Rae Pozdro and Sung Joon Chae]
  • The Countryside as a City
    • Essays
      • The Countryside as a City [Christopher C. M. Lee]
      • Designing China’s Rural Transformation [Dingliang Yang]
      • China’s Townization Plan and Its Implications [Peter G. Rowe and Har Ye Kan]
    • Analysis
      • Taiqian: Structure of the Countryside [Radhya Adityavarman, Carly Augustine, Jyri Eskola, Siwei Gou, Shaoliang Hua, Nicolas Lee, Wilfred Leung, Alexandro Medina, Feng Shen, P. G. Smit, Dimitris Venizelos, Zhenhuan Xu, and Bicen Yue]
    • Projects
      • The Taiqian Studio: An Introduction [Christopher C. M. Lee]
      • Within the Frame [Carly Augustine and Nicolas Lee]
      • Common Fields: Frameworks for Rural Life [Feng Shen and Zhenhuan Xu]
      • Non-Urban Apparatus [Shaoliang Hua, Jyri Eskola, and Radhya Adityavarman]
      • Village [Dimitris Venizelos and P. G. Smit]
      • The Collective Frame [Alexandro Medina and Wilfred Leung]
      • The City as a Field [Bicen Yue and Siwei Gou]
  • Image and an Idea of Place [Simon Whittle]
  • Studio Credits
  • Contributor Biographies
  • Illustration Credits

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