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Architecture Before Speech

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$60.00 • £52.95 • €54.95

ISBN 9781934510797

Publication Date: 05/17/2022


624 pages

8-1/2 x 11 inches

750 illus.

Harvard Graduate School of Design


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  • Prelude
    • Inscriptions; or, Plurality by Design [Andrew Holder]
  • Field
    • A–Y
  • Interlude
    • Sites of Inscriptions [Catherine Ingraham]
  • Category
    • Pattern Recognition: Scanning Inscriptions [Stan Allen]
      • [–S] Transcendental Originals: Labyrinths; Eidetic Houses; Booleans
      • [S̄] Revealed Originals: Superimpositions; Revelations; Slack Collections; Scatters, Remnants
      • [S] Immanent Originals: Dirt, Earth, and Rocks; Trabeated Stacks; First Houses; Seven Wonders
      • [–S̄] Encountered Originals: Monoliths; Anamorphic Figures; The Creaturely
  • Interlude
    • Archetype, Ornament, and the Subversion of Architectural Categories [Antoine Picon]
  • Cohort
    • Screen Graspers [Lucia Allais]
      • Transcendental Originals
      • Revealed Originals
      • Immanent Originals
      • Encountered Originals
  • Interlude
    • Blanks, Dents, Casts, and Other Forms of Negative Architecture [Marrikka Trotter]
  • Pair
    • Next Slide Please: Media History and the Archive of Everything Architectural [Sylvia Lavin]
      • Transcendental Originals
      • Revealed Originals
      • Immanent Originals
      • Encountered Originals
  • Interlude
    • Cotton Mather Engraved and Ungraved [Edward Eigen]
  • Project
    • Finishing [JaJa Co]
    • Conjoined Domesticities [Studio Sean Canty]
    • Infinite Transformations [Erin Besler]
    • A Loose Collection [MILLIØNS]
    • Building Material, Building Media [T+E+A+M]
    • Balancing Act [Ensamble Studio]
    • Psst! [MALL]
    • In a Shrunken Field: A Postconceptual Position [First Office]
  • Project
    • On Offering [The LADG]
    • Proximities [PARA Project]
    • How to Build a Collage [Marshall Brown Projects]
    • Part & Parcel [BairBalliet]
  • Interlude
    • Notes on the Creaturely (From the Monstrous to the Cute) [Phillip Denny]
  • Postlude
    • Architecture’s Inscriptions: Reading Symptoms and Enjoyments [K. Michael Hays]

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