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New Geographies, 12


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ISBN 9781934510810

Publication Date: 04/19/2022


320 pages

8 x 10 inches

117 photos, 26 color photos

Harvard Graduate School of Design > New Geographies


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Related Subjects

  • 1. Introduction [Mojdeh Mahdavi and Liang Wang]
  • 2. Inside the Zone, Outside the Commons: London’s Waterfront Redevelopment as Enclosure [Alan Wiig]
  • 3. Malta/CCZ: What Are the Rights of Deep-Sea Communities to an Other-than-Human Common Heritage? [Amy Balkin]
  • 4. Commoning as a Force in Urban Design [David Bollier]
  • 5. How to Design, Defend, and Sustain Urban Commons and How to Demonstrate Their Value for Resilience? [Doina Petrescu and Constantin Petcou]
  • 6. The Ghost of a “Common”? The Obsolescence of the Large Parisian Telephone Exchanges [Fanny Lopez]
  • 7. Green Enclosures: Common Lands in the Climate Debate—the Case of the Mexican Ejido [Ivonne Santoyo-Orozco]
  • 8. Making Public Space More “Common” [Katherine Melcher]
  • 9. Cartesian Enclosures [Marina Otero Verzier]
  • 10. Architects of the “Silent Revolution”: Empowering Local Communities through Commons-Based Resilience Strategies [Nadia Bertolino]
  • 11. Laboring Together [Neeraj Bhatia]
  • 12. Notes from the Cracks of the Pantheon: On Symbolic Friction and the Possibility of Counter-Institutions [Niklas Plaetzer]
  • 13. Space for a New Biopolitical Project [Paola Viganò]
  • 14. The Internet of People Strikes Back: Two Future Scenarios and a Proposition [Paolo Cardullo]
  • 15. The Architectural Common [Peggy Deamer]
  • 16. The Living Environment [or, Designers Are Stuck in the Holocene] [Rosetta S. Elkin]
  • 17. Struggles for Housing: Challenging Dominant Models of Cohabitation through Urban Commoning [Stavros Stavrides]
  • 18. On the Possibility of Public-Commons Partnerships: Vienna’s Coproduction of Housing and the Political Project That Is the City [Stefan Gruber]
  • 19. Transient Spatial Commoning in Conflict [Taraneh Meshkani]
  • 20. Value, Waste, and the Commons Fix [William Conroy]
  • 21. The Struggle to Govern the Commons: An Institutionalist Engagement of Collective Action and Its Maintenance [Yan Zhang]

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