Frontiers of Space

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Cover: Rockets into Space

Rockets into Space

Winter, Frank H.

In Rockets into Space, Frank Winter tells the fascinating story of the modern launch vehicle, from the mythological musings of the Babylonians and Greeks to the present-day reality of manned and unmanned space flight.

Cover: International Cooperation in Space: The Example of the European Space Agency

International Cooperation in Space: The Example of the European Space Agency

Bonnet, Roger M.
Manno, Vittorio

Linking 15 European nations, the European Space Agency offers a working model of scientific, technological, and political cooperation on an international scale. The authors give us an insiders’ view of the agency—its beginnings as the European Space Research Organization, its development in the face of early difficulties, and its daily operations.

Cover: Space Commerce

Space Commerce

McLucas, John L.

Space Commerce relates the story of private enterprise’s unsteady rise to prominence as a major influence on world space policy and research. John McLucas covers the broad sweep of space commerce—both the vision and the reality.

Cover: Planet Earth: The View from Space

Planet Earth: The View from Space

Baker, D. James

Baker reviews ongoing international research to predict global climate change via remote sensing from space. He describes areas in which satellites are gathering data, including Earth–sun interaction, land vegetation patterns, ocean color and temperature, the atmosphere, polar ice sheets, tectonic plate motion, and Earth’s gravity field.

On the Shoulders of Giants, by Umberto Eco, translated by Alastair McEwen, from Harvard University Press

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