Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard

The mission of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs is to facilitate the production of pathbreaking social science research on international, comparative, transnational, and global issues by faculty and students at Harvard.

Our goals are to advance scholarly knowledge; address important international issues, as well as domestic social, economic, and political problems in comparative perspective; foster interdisciplinary dialogues; and disseminate knowledge in academia and beyond. This is accomplished through research programs, initiatives, and clusters; through conferences, seminars, and workshops; and by providing competitive fellowships to global scholars and research funding to Harvard faculty and students.

We support a diverse and rich community of scholars whose research is grounded in a variety of methods and approaches and whose work spans the globe. The Center is rooted in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences but incorporates colleagues from across the Schools of Harvard University. We also host visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows, and practitioners who bring the world to Harvard and benefit from interacting with our faculty and student associates.

Cover: In Theory and in Practice: Harvard’s Center for International Affairs, 1958–1983

In Theory and in Practice: Harvard’s Center for International Affairs, 1958–1983

Atkinson, David C.

Harvard University inaugurated CFIA in 1958 as a research center devoted to international relations. This history of the Center’s first 25 years explores the connection between knowledge and politics, beginning with the Center’s confident first decade and concluding with the second decade, which found it embroiled in Vietnam-era student protests.

The Burnout Challenge: Managing People’s Relationships with Their Jobs, by Christina Maslach and Michael P. Leiter, from Harvard University Press

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For Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the work of Elizabeth Cobbs, whose new book Fearless Women shows how the movement for women’s rights has been deeply entwined with the history of the United States since its founding. Cobbs traces the lives of pathbreaking women who, inspired by American ideals, fought for the cause in their own ways