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China: Politics, Economics, and History

  • The Sentinel State
  • Zhou Enlai
  • Sovereign Funds
  • Made in China
  • The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought

Explore books that offer a deeper perspective on China’s rise and its changing relations with the rest of the world.

Author - Editorial Staff

Date - 22 November 2023

Time to read - 1 min

  • The Sentinel State

    The Sentinel State

    Surveillance and the Survival of Dictatorship in China

    Minxin Pei

    A singular contribution to our knowledge about coercion in the Chinese state and, more generally, the survival strategies of authoritarian regimes.

    “An instant classic, offering a peerless and encompassing explanation for a great puzzle of the twenty-first century: How did China’s autocratic regime outlast its peers? Through painstaking research, Minxin Pei has reverse-engineered the hidden system of preventive repression, exposing a world that is essential to understanding China’s past and, indeed, its future.” —Evan Osnos, author of the National Book Award–winning Wildland: The Making of America’s Fury

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  • Zhou Enlai

    Zhou Enlai

    A Life

    Chen Jian

    A nuanced portrait of Zhou Enlai’s complex life as a revolutionary, a master diplomat, and a man with his own vision and aspirations who did much to make China, as well as the larger world, what it is today.

    “I know of no better account of the arbitrary nature—but also the consequent waste—of authoritarian rule.” —John Lewis Gaddis, author of the Pulitzer Prize–winning George F. Kennan: An American Life

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  • Sovereign Funds

    Sovereign Funds

    How the Communist Party of China Finances Its Global Ambitions

    Zongyuan Zoe Liu

    The first in-depth account of the sudden growth of China’s sovereign wealth funds and their transformative impact on global markets, domestic and multinational businesses, and international politics.

    One of the keys to China’s global rise has been its strategy of deploying sovereign wealth on behalf of state power. Since President Xi Jinping took office in 2013, China has doubled down on fi...

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  • Made in China

    Made in China

    When US-China Interests Converged to Transform Global Trade

    Elizabeth O’Brien Ingleson

    “Made in China is the best overview we have of how the United States helped make China the world’s foremost trading power. Ingleson skillfully shows how American needs and Chinese wishes combined to remake global capitalism.” —Odd Arne Westad, author of The Cold War: A World History

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  • The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought

    The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought

    Wang Hui, Michael Gibbs Hill

    A sprawling intellectual history considered one of the most significant achievements of modern Chinese scholarship, available in English for the first time.

    “A monumental achievement…This masterful and comprehensive book effectively mobilizes Chinese political and social thought—including Wang’s own ideas as well as the historical texts he engages—as a living resource for addressing the global dilemmas of our time.” —Leigh K. Jenco, author of Making the Political: Founding and Action in the Political Theory of Zhang Shizhao

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  • Never Turn Back

    Never Turn Back

    China and the Forbidden History of the 1980s

    Julian Gewirtz

    A BBC History Magazine Best Book of the Year

    A Foreign Affairs Best Book of the Year

    The history the Chinese Communist Party has tried to erase: the dramatic political debates of the 1980s that could have put China on a path to greater openness.

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  • Haunted by Chaos

    Haunted by Chaos

    China’s Grand Strategy from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping, With a New Afterword

    Sulmaan Wasif Khan

    “Readers will not find a shrewder analysis as to why the Chinese act as they do.” —Robert D. Kaplan

    “Khan’s brilliant analysis will help policymakers understand the critical rise of China…Crucial if we are to avoid conflict with this emerging superpower.” —Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO

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  • The China Questions

    The China Questions

    Critical Insights into a Rising Power

    Jennifer Rudolph, Michael Szonyi

    Ranging across questions of security, economics, military development, climate change, public health, science and technology, education, and the worrying flashpoints of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Xinjiang, these concise essays provide an authoritative look at key sites of friction and potential collaboration, with an eye on where the US-China relationship may go in the future.

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  • China’s Good War

    China’s Good War

    How World War II Is Shaping a New Nationalism

    Rana Mitter

    A Foreign Affairs Book of the Year

    A Spectator Book of the Year

    “One of Britain’s foremost historians of modern China…A detailed and fascinating account of how the Chinese leadership’s strategy has evolved across eras—and how its recent overtures to regional and international audiences have corresponded to shifts in domestic education and internal propaganda about World War II.” —Howard W. French, Wall Street Journal

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  • The Shenzhen Experiment

    The Shenzhen Experiment

    The Story of China’s Instant City

    Juan Du

    An award-winning Hong Kong–based architect with decades of experience designing buildings and planning cities in the People’s Republic of China takes us to the Pearl River delta and into the heart of China’s iconic Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen.

    Shenzhen is ground zero for the economic transformation China has seen in recent decades. In 1979, driven by China’s widespread poverty, Deng Xia...

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