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In Case You Missed It—11 Books Worth Another Look

  • The Age of Scientific Wellness
  • Neither Settler nor Native
  • Healthy Buildings
  • The Original Meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment
  • Bring the War Home

Revisit, or discover, these standout books that bring today’s issues into focus.

Author - Editorial Staff

Date - 21 January 2024

Time to read - 1 min

  • The Age of Scientific Wellness

    The Age of Scientific Wellness

    Why the Future of Medicine Is Personalized, Predictive, Data-Rich, and in Your Hands

    Leroy Hood, Nathan Price

    “If you want to understand how the latest advances in genomics and AI can completely transform your health, and to translate this promise into practical tools that you can apply today, read this book!”—Mark Hyman, author of Young Forever

    Taking us to the cutting edge of the new frontier of medicine, a visionary biotechnologist and a pathbreaking researcher show how we can optimize our healt...

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  • Neither Settler nor Native

    Neither Settler nor Native

    The Making and Unmaking of Permanent Minorities

    Mahmood Mamdani

    Prospect Top 50 Thinker of 2021
    British Academy Book Prize Finalist
    PROSE Award Finalist

    “Provocative, elegantly written.”
    —Fara Dabhoiwala, New York Review of Books

    “Demonstrates how a broad rethinking of political issues becomes possible when Western ideals and practices are examined from the vantage point of Asia and Africa.”
    —Pankaj Mishra, New York Review of Books

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  • Healthy Buildings

    Healthy Buildings

    How Indoor Spaces Can Make You Sick—or Keep You Well

    Joseph G. Allen, John D. Macomber

    A revised and updated edition of the landmark work the New York Times hailed as “a call to action for every developer, building owner, shareholder, chief executive, manager, teacher, worker and parent to start demanding healthy buildings with cleaner indoor air.”

    For too long we’ve designed buildings that haven’t focused on the people inside—their health, their ability to work effectively,...

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  • The Original Meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment

    The Original Meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment

    Its Letter and Spirit

    Randy E. Barnett, Evan D. Bernick

    A Federalist Notable Book

    “An important contribution to our understanding of the 14th Amendment.”
    —Wall Street Journal

    “By any standard an important contribution…A must-read.”
    —National Review

    “The most detailed legal history to date of the constitutional amendment that changed American law more than any before or since…The corpus of legal scholarship is richer for it.”<...

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  • Bring the War Home

    Bring the War Home

    The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America

    Kathleen Belew

    A Guardian Best Book of the Year

    “A gripping study of white power…Explosive.”
    —New York Times

    “Helps explain how we got to today’s alt-right.”
    —Terry Gross, Fresh Air

    The white power movement in America wants a revolution.

    Returning to a country ripped apart by a war they felt they were not allowed to win, a small group of Vietnam veterans and disgruntled civilian...

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  • In Praise of Failure

    In Praise of Failure

    Four Lessons in Humility

    Costica Bradatan

    Squarely challenging a culture obsessed with success, an acclaimed philosopher argues that failure is vital to a life well lived, curing us of arrogance and self-deception and engendering humility instead.

    Our obsession with success is hard to overlook. Everywhere we compete, rank, and measure. Yet this relentless drive to be the best blinds us to something vitally important: the need to be...

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  • The Chevron Doctrine

    The Chevron Doctrine

    Its Rise and Fall, and the Future of the Administrative State

    Thomas W. Merrill

    A leading expert on the administrative state describes the past, present, and future of the immensely consequential—and equally controversial—legal doctrine that has come to define how Congress’s laws are applied by the executive branch.

    The Constitution makes Congress the principal federal lawmaker. But for a variety of reasons, including partisan gridlock, Congress increasingly fails to k...

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  • The Future of Money

    The Future of Money

    How the Digital Revolution Is Transforming Currencies and Finance

    Eswar S. Prasad

    An Economist Book of the Year

    A Financial Times Book of the Year

    A Foreign Affairs Book of the Year

    A ProMarket Book of the Year

    One of The Week’s Ten Best Business Books of the Year

    “A road map for money managers, market strategists, and others seeking to understand this new world.”—Barron’s

    “Money shapes economies, economies shape nations, nations shape...

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  • Minding the Climate

    Minding the Climate

    How Neuroscience Can Help Solve Our Environmental Crisis

    Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD

    A neurosurgeon explores how our tendency to prioritize short-term consumer pleasures spurs climate change, but also how the brain’s amazing capacity for flexibility can—and likely will—enable us to prioritize the long-term survival of humanity.

    Increasingly politicians, activists, media figures, and the public at large agree that climate change is an urgent problem. Yet that sense of urgenc...

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  • The Golden Passport

    The Golden Passport

    Global Mobility for Millionaires

    Kristin Surak

    "[A] fascinating study of how people―and their capital―seek to move around a world that is at once hugely interconnected and driven by inequities…definitive, detailed, and unusually nuanced.”
    ―Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, Foreign Affairs

    The first comprehensive on-the-ground investigation of the global market for citizenship, examining the wealthy elites who buy passports, the states and br...

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  • The Proof

    The Proof

    Uses of Evidence in Law, Politics, and Everything Else

    Frederick Schauer

    In a world awash in “fake news,” where public figures make unfounded assertions as a matter of course, a preeminent legal theorist ranges across the courtroom, the scientific laboratory, and the insights of philosophers to explore the nature of evidence and show how it is credibly established.

    In the age of fake news, trust and truth are hard to come by. Blatantly and shamelessly, public fi...

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