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  • The Seventy-Five Folios and Other Unpublished Manuscripts
  • Political Disappointment
  • On Earth or in Poems
  • Avant-Garde Post–
  • The Nonconformists

Author - Editorial Staff

Date - 1 August 2023

Time to read - 1 min

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  • The Seventy-Five Folios and Other Unpublished Manuscripts

    The Seventy-Five Folios and Other Unpublished Manuscripts

    Marcel Proust, Nathalie Mauriac Dyer, Sam Taylor

    Presented for the first time in English, the recently discovered early manuscripts of the twentieth century’s most towering literary figure offer uncanny glimpses of his emerging genius and the creation of his masterpiece.

    One of the most significant literary events of the century, the discovery of manuscript pages containing early drafts of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time put an end...

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  • Political Disappointment

    Political Disappointment

    A Cultural History from Reconstruction to the AIDS Crisis

    Sara Marcus

    “Marcus shows the ways in which Black activists and writers, in particular, have continued to express their political desires. In doing so, she draws our attention to the centrality of disappointment in American political life.”
    —Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, New Yorker

    “Political Disappointment is an abundant text, overflowing with Sara Marcus’s considerable gifts. She is adept at presenting...

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  • On Earth or in Poems

    On Earth or in Poems

    The Many Lives of al-Andalus

    Eric Calderwood

    “With extraordinary linguistic range, Calderwood brings us the voices of Arabs and Muslims who have turned to the distant past of Spain to imagine their future.”
    —Hussein Fancy, Yale University

    How the memory of Muslim Iberia shapes art and politics from New York and Cordoba to Cairo and the West Bank.

    During the Middle Ages, the Iberian Peninsula was home not to Spain and Portuga...

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  • Avant-Garde Post–

    Avant-Garde Post–

    Radical Poetics after the Soviet Union

    Marijeta Bozovic

    The remarkable story of seven contemporary Russian-language poets whose experimental work anchors a thriving dissident artistic movement opposed to both Putin’s regime and Western liberalism.

    What does leftist art look like in the wake of state socialism? In recent years, Russian-language avant-garde poetry has been seeking the answers to this question. Marijeta Bozovic follows a constellat...

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  • The Nonconformists

    The Nonconformists

    American and Czech Writers across the Iron Curtain

    Brian K. Goodman

    How risky encounters between American and Czech writers behind the Iron Curtain shaped the art and politics of the Cold War and helped define an era of dissent.

    “In some indescribable way, we are each other’s continuation,” Arthur Miller wrote of the imprisoned Czech playwright Václav Havel. After a Soviet-led invasion ended the Prague Spring, many US-based writers experienced a similar sho...

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  • The Op-Ed Novel

    The Op-Ed Novel

    A Literary History of Post-Franco Spain

    Bécquer Seguín

    “The Op-Ed Novel not only elegantly recounts a vital intellectual and cultural history of post-Franco Spain. Carefully exploring the careers of Spain’s most eminent writers, it demonstrates, too, the osmotic links between political journalism and literary fiction—salutary reading in the English-speaking countries, where politics and literature are still regarded as strangers to each other.”—Pankaj...

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  • Cotton Mather’s Spanish Lessons

    Cotton Mather’s Spanish Lessons

    A Story of Language, Race, and Belonging in the Early Americas

    Kirsten Silva Gruesz

    A sweeping history of linguistic and colonial encounter in the early Americas, anchored by the unlikely story of how Boston’s most famous Puritan came to write the first Spanish-language publication in the English New World.

    The Boston minister Cotton Mather was the first English colonial to refer to himself as an American. He was also the first to author a Spanish-language publication: La...

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  • Who’s Black and Why?

    Who’s Black and Why?

    A Hidden Chapter from the Eighteenth-Century Invention of Race

    Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Andrew S. Curran

    “A fascinating, if disturbing, window onto the origins of racism.”
    —Publishers Weekly

    “The eighteenth-century essays published for the first time in Who’s Black and Why? contain a world of ideas—theories, inventions, and fantasies—about what blackness is, and what it means. To read them is to witness European intellectuals, in the age of the Atlantic slave trade, struggling, one after an...

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  • The Critical Writings of Oscar Wilde

    The Critical Writings of Oscar Wilde

    An Annotated Selection

    Oscar Wilde, Nicholas Frankel

    An authoritative edition of Oscar Wilde’s critical writings shows how the renowned dramatist and novelist also transformed the art of commentary.

    Though he is primarily acclaimed today for his drama and fiction, Oscar Wilde was also one of the greatest critics of his generation. Annotated and introduced by Wilde scholar Nicholas Frankel, this unique collection reveals Wilde as a writer who...

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  • The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought

    The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought

    Wang Hui, Michael Gibbs Hill

    "Brilliantly reveals a China that has always been lively and pluralist in its political thought...His analysis has immense relevance for China today."
    –Rana Mitter, Foreign Affairs

    The definitive history of China’s philosophical confrontation with modernity, available for the first time in English.

    What does it mean for China to be modern, or for modernity to be Chinese? How is t...

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  • A Greeting of the Spirit

    A Greeting of the Spirit

    Selected Poetry of John Keats with Commentaries

    Susan J. Wolfson

    A Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year

    A renowned Keats scholar illuminates the poet’s extraordinary career, in a new edition featuring seventy-eight verse selections with commentary.

    John Keats’s career as a published poet spanned scarcely more than four years, cut short by his death early in 1821 at age twenty-five. Yet in this time, he produced a remarkable—and remarkably wi...

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  • Theory of the Gimmick

    Theory of the Gimmick

    Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form

    Sianne Ngai

    Christian Gauss Award Shortlist
    Winner of the ASAP Book Prize
    A Literary Hub Book of the Year

    “Makes the case that the gimmick…is of tremendous critical value…Lies somewhere between critical theory and Sontag’s best work.”
    —Los Angeles Review of Books

    “Ngai exposes capitalism’s tricks in her mind-blowing study of the time- and labor-saving devices we call gimmicks.”

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  • Liner Notes for the Revolution

    Liner Notes for the Revolution

    The Intellectual Life of Black Feminist Sound

    Daphne A. Brooks

    Winner of the Ralph J. Gleason Music Book Award, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
    Winner of the American Book Award, Before Columbus Foundation
    Winner of the PEN Oakland–Josephine Miles Award
    Winner of the MAAH Stone Book Award
    A Pitchfork Best Music Book of the Year
    A Rolling Stone Best Music Book of the Year
    A Boston Globe Summer Read

    “Brooks traces all kinds of lines…inviting v...

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  • Being Property Once Myself

    Being Property Once Myself

    Blackness and the End of Man

    Joshua Bennett

    Winner of the William Sanders Scarborough Prize

    “This trenchant work of literary criticism examines the complex ways…African American authors have written about animals. In Bennett’s analysis, Richard Wright, Toni Morrison, Jesmyn Ward, and others subvert the racist comparisons that have ‘been used against them as a tool of derision and denigration.’...An intense and illuminating reevaluati...

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  • Sur’s Ocean

    Sur’s Ocean

    Classic Hindi Poetry in Translation

    Surdas, John Stratton Hawley

    “John Stratton Hawley miraculously manages to braid the charged erotic and divine qualities of Krishna, the many-named god, while introducing us—with subtle occasional rhyme—to a vividly particularized world of prayers and crocodile earrings, spiritual longing and love-struck bees.”
    —Forrest Gander, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

    An award-winning translation of Hindi verses comp...

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  • Ghazals


    Translations of Classic Urdu Poetry

    Mir Taqi Mir, Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

    The finest ghazals of Mir Taqi Mir, the most accomplished of Urdu poets.

    The prolific Mir Taqi Mir (1723–1810), widely regarded as the most accomplished poet in Urdu, composed his ghazals—a poetic form of rhyming couplets—in a distinctive Indian style arising from the Persian ghazal tradition. Here, the lover and beloved live in a world of extremes: the outsider is the hero, prosperity is p...

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