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  • A Guess at the Riddle
  • The Joy of Consent
  • Law Is a Moral Practice
  • Religion as Make-Believe

Great books about philosophy—from making sense of quantum mechanics to reframing consent as an ally of pleasure.

Author - Editorial Staff

Date - 17 January 2024

Time to read - 1 min

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  • A Guess at the Riddle

    A Guess at the Riddle

    Essays on the Physical Underpinnings of Quantum Mechanics

    David Z Albert

    From the celebrated author of Quantum Mechanics and Experience comes an original and exhilarating attempt at making sense of the strange laws of quantum mechanics.

    A century ago, a brilliant circle of physicists around Niels Bohr argued that the search for an objective, realistic, and mechanical picture of the inner workings of the atom—the kind of picture that had previously been an ideal...

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  • The Joy of Consent

    The Joy of Consent

    A Philosophy of Good Sex

    Manon Garcia

    “From the bedroom to the classroom to the courtroom, ‘consent’ is a key term in our contemporary sexual ethics. In this timely reexamination, Manon Garcia deftly reveals the hidden complexities of consent and proposes how to reconceptualize it as a tool of liberation.”
    —Amia Srinivasan, author of The Right to Sex

    A feminist philosopher argues that consent is not only a highly imperfect l...

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  • Law Is a Moral Practice

    Law Is a Moral Practice

    Scott Hershovitz

    A powerful argument for the essential role of morality in law, getting at the heart of key debates in public life.

    What is law? And how does it relate to morality? It’s common to think that law and morality are different ways of regulating our lives. But Scott Hershovitz says that this is a mistake: law is a part of our moral lives. It’s a tool we use to adjust our moral relationships. The...

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  • Religion as Make-Believe

    Religion as Make-Believe

    A Theory of Belief, Imagination, and Group Identity

    Neil Van Leeuwen

    To understand the nature of religious belief, we must look at how our minds process the world of imagination and make-believe.

    We often assume that religious beliefs are no different in kind from ordinary factual beliefs—that believing in the existence of God or of supernatural entities that hear our prayers is akin to believing that May comes before June. Neil Van Leeuwen shows that, in fa...

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