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Emily Silk

Editor for U.S. History, Literary Studies, Religion

Photo of Emily Silk, Editor for U.S. History, Literary Studies, Religion

“I am acquiring books in religion, literature, and U.S. history and culture. While I range widely in terms of period and subfield, I am especially interested in books that reach across disciplines and join surprising arguments with compelling narratives. In literary studies, I also welcome submissions for new translations, anthologies, and collected/selected editions. Recently, I have signed books on the role of nostalgia in Atlantic world empire-building; the political theory of the American Populist movement; early modern Asian migration and displacement to the Spanish Americas; the history of the Black Atlantic press sphere in the era of decolonization; and the politics of contemporary Russophone avant-garde poetry.

I also manage two series at HUP: the I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History, published in collaboration with the Villa I Tatti; and Harvard Historical Studies, published in collaboration with the Harvard History Department.”

Contact: @emsilk10

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Objects of Love and Regret: A Brooklyn Story, by Richard Rabinowitz, from Harvard University Press

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