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Michael Sullivan

Managing Editor, Loeb Classical Library

Photo of Michael Sullivan, Managing Editor, Loeb Classical Library

“In collaboration with General Editor Jeffrey Henderson, and in consultation with the Trustees of the Loeb Classical Library Foundation, I work closely with the scholars they recruit to produce our iconic green and red editions of the Greek and Latin classics both in print and online. In the latter medium, I was coordinating editor for the initial launch of the digital Library (2014) and principal architect of its enhanced navigation feature (2022). As the series’ program of expansion, revision, and replacement continues, I have been especially focused on projects that revitalize outdated texts and translations (e.g., Callimachus, Petronius) and that reorganize and/or introduce particularly complex materials (e.g., Early Greek Philosophy, Fragmentary Republican Latin). In keeping with James Loeb’s original vision to place the written treasures of the ancient Greek and Roman past ‘within the reach of all who care for the finer things of life’ I am committed to making the classics accessible to a diverse readership, and to promoting their study ‘without distinction as to sex, race, nationality, color or creed.’”

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