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Rachel Field

Editor for Physical Sciences, Technology, Mathematics

Photo of Rachel Field, Editor for Physical Sciences, Technology, Mathematics

“Welcoming proposals in the physical sciences, mathematics, and technology, I seek ambitious, interdisciplinary projects for trade and scholarly audiences. A trained statistician and published author of neuroscience research, I believe that boldly argued books are crucial to ensuring that new ideas continue to drive scientific debate. I am passionate about publishing books at the intersection of science and society, books that offer a fresh lens through which we can understand and ultimately solve the world’s most urgent problems. I pursue manuscripts that challenge our preconceptions, trace the evolution of ideas, and tell a story about the world we inhabit and the science that shaped it. Recent signings include an anthropologist’s account of why our brains are ill-equipped to address contemporary issues such as climate change, conspiracy theories, and religious extremism; a tribologist’s exploration of the science of friction and how it shaped civilization; an ecologist’s argument that microbes are key to our environmental future; a mathematician’s examination of how the mathematics behind maps has informed our understanding of the world; and the story of sickle cell anemia, a disease that represents the best and worst of medicine and biotechnology.

Drawing upon my background in academic and trade publishing, I work closely with authors to sharpen their arguments and polish their prose, all with the goal of reaching the widest possible audience.”

Contact: @RachelField13

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