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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the payment arrive?

All royalty payments will be issued starting in March 2023.

Will I receive a 1099?

You will receive a 1099 if you receive a payment from HUP. Since the income is technically earned in 2023, a 1099 will be mailed to you the following February so that you can complete your 2023 tax return. If you did not receive a 1099 for 2022, please send an email to .

Why does the 1099 I just received not match the royalty statement?

The 1099 is for the payment that you received in 2022. That payment was based off of your 2021 royalty statement.

Can I receive my annual royalty statement electronically?

Yes! To receive your royalty statement electronically, you must create an account on the Harvard University Press Royalty Portal.

to request a new account. You will receive a response within two business days with an account creation link.

After following the link, please refer to these step-by-step Account Creation Instructions (PDF) to set up your new account.

I made a Royalty Portal account but can’t remember my password. How do I reset it?

Please click on the “Forgot password?” link from the login page. You may wish to refer to these step-by-step Password Reset Instructions (PDF).

How do I change my address?

Please with your new address. Be sure to include your name, address, and Payee Number.

Alternatively, you can mail a letter containing the above information to Royalty Department, Harvard University Press, 79 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States.

We do not accept address changes over the telephone.

Can I change my address using the Royalty Portal?

No. Please with any address changes.

I am a U.S. citizen living within the United States. Can HUP pay me my royalties via Direct Deposit?

Yes. Please indicating that you would like to receive Direct Deposit royalty payments.

Can royalties be paid in foreign currencies?

Yes, but only for wire payments to foreign banks.

I was previously not a U.S. citizen, but I recently attained U.S. citizenship. How does this affect my royalties?

Please .

Since I am a foreign author, why do I have to log into GLACIER and fill in my information on their website?

This is a new requirement for all foreign individuals. If you have never received a payment from Harvard University you must log into GLACIER and complete the instructions on the website. If you do not do this, then you will not be paid your royalties.

How do I log into GLACIER?

You must fill out the Vendor Request Form and return as instructed therein.

If I am a foreign author, how do I get an ITIN and how do I apply for a tax treaty?

Please indicating that you would like to apply for an ITIN and/or tax treaty.

What is the HUP Authors Fund and how can I contribute to it?

Through the HUP Authors Fund (established in 2019), authors have the opportunity to contribute their royalties back to HUP to help support the works of their colleagues in the academy. The Fund will be used to help pay for publishing important scholarly works, often by first-time authors—books that typically do not earn back their publication costs. For more information and instructions on setting up your royalties to be directed to the Authors Fund, see Support the Press.

Royalty Statements: Common Terms

  • Payee Number: This is your unique identification number within Harvard University Press.
  • Earnings Retention / Reserve Against Returns: This is 15% of your royalties earned for the current year that HUP will hold for 1 year. The money will be returned to your statement the following year.
  • Refund of Retained Income: Royalties that HUP withheld the previous year. This money is included in your current royalty statement.

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