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Authors Fund

The Authors Fund gives our authors the opportunity to contribute their royalties to help support the works of their colleagues in the academy. The Fund will be used to help defray the expenses associated with publishing important scholarly works, often by first-time authors—books that typically do not earn back their publication costs.

Assignment of royalties to this worthwhile cause has the added benefit of reducing the administrative burden on the Press, as well as the tax paperwork of our authors. Contributors to the Authors Fund may opt to continue to receive annual statements accounting their book sales and the amount that has been contributed to the Authors Fund. Each book published with support from the Fund will be acknowledged as such on the copyright page.

If you wish to contribute your royalties to the Authors Fund and help support your fellow academic authors, please complete the Royalty Assignment Form (available to download below) and return it to the Royalty Department by email, mail, or fax.

HUP Authors Fund

c/o Royalty Department
Harvard University Press
79 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Fax: 617-496-8067

Supporters of the Authors Fund

Barry Allen, Nancy Armstrong, William C. Banks, Calvin Bedient, Peter S. Bellwood, Marissa Bingham, Richard M. Bird, Jennifer Bodde, Raicho Bojilov, Peter J. Bowler,, Larry W. Bowman, Joseph Bradley, Kenneth Brink, Gerald W. Brock, Kate Brown, Walter Burkert, Richard L. Bushman, David C. Cassidy, Richard W. Cogley, David C. Cole, Timothy J. Colton, Ann Conway, Linda J. Cook, Thomas J. Craughwell, Louis Crompton, Russell J. Dalton, Charles Dempsey, Deborah Edel, Nadia Maria El Cheikh, Glen R. Elliott, S. Shirley Feldman, Gerald D. Fischbach, James J. Fox, John Freeman, Victor R. Fuchs, Bruce Fuller, Max Gillman, Brian K. Hall, the estate of Mason Hammond, Jerome S. Handler, David Hastings, Christine Havelock, John P. Heinz, Linda Hill, Dirk Hoerder, Paul M. Hohenberg, Susan D. Holloway, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Raymond B. Huey, Nicholas Humphrey, Steven Hyman, M.D., Erik Jacobson, Michael S. Jellinek, M.D., Jesse D. Jennings, Gretchen Kaufman, Mary M. Kennedy, Daniel J. Kevles, Janet Kirker, Marvin Lazerson, Leo Ou-fan Lee, Lynn Hollen Lees, Harvey Leibenstein, Thomas M. Lekan, J. C. Levenson and Viola Hopkins Winner, Barbara Lloyd, Ilana Löwy, Charles J. Lumsden, Duncan MacRae, Gloria L. Main, Joseph H. Manson, Daphne Martin, Scott M. Matheson, Jr., Christopher N. May, Gillian Dowley McNamee, Martha Minow, Yair Mundlak, John D. Niles, Ralph A. Nixon, M.D., Ph.D., Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Katherine Ott, Ralph Barton Perry, Carla Rahn Phillips, David A. Pietz, Frederick Pollock, Mark L. Reed, David Alan Rich, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Russell W. Rumberger, Ivan A. Sag, Gary Sandefur, Andrew Satlin, M.D., Peter H. Schuck, Nutan Sharma, M.D., Warren T. Sherman, Roger Sherwood, Otto T. Solbrig, W. John Smith, Joelle Stein, Susan Stillinger, Eric J. Sundquist, Linda Thomson, Stephanie Thornton, Kathryn L. Tilly, Nadia Urbinati, Frank K. Upham, Susan M. Wachter, Wensheng Wang, Ellen Warwick, Rodica Weitzman, Carl Wennerlind, David A. Wise, Silas H. L. Wu