Forrest G. Robinson

Forrest G. Robinson is Professor of American Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Cover: In Bad Faith: The Dynamics of Deception in Mark Twain’s AmericaIn Bad Faith: The Dynamics of Deception in Mark Twain’s AmericaRobinson, Forrest G.PAPERBACK03/01/1992$37.00
Cover: Love’s Story Told: A Life of Henry A. MurrayLove’s Story Told: A Life of Henry A. MurrayRobinson, Forrest G.HARDCOVER01/01/1992$59.00
Cover: The Shape of Things Known: Sidney's <i>Apology</i> in Its Philosophical TraditionThe Shape of Things Known: Sidney's Apology in Its Philosophical TraditionRobinson, Forrest G.E-DITION01/01/1972$65.00Available from De Gruyter »
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Jacket: We Have Never Been Modern, by Bruno Latour, translated by Catherine Porter, from Harvard University Press

Bruno Latour Wins Kyoto Prize

Congratulations to Bruno Latour for being named the 2021 Kyoto Prize laureate for arts and philosophy. To celebrate, here’s an excerpt from We Have Never Been Modern. By claiming that the modern Constitution does not permit itself to be understood, by proposing to reveal the practices that allow it to exist, by asserting that the critical mechanism has outlived its usefulness, am I behaving as though we were entering a new era that would follow the era of the moderns?