E. H. Warmington

E. H. Warmington was Professor of Classics at Birkbeck College, London, and General Editor of the Loeb Classical Library (1937–1974).

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Cover: Remains of Old Latin, Volume IV: Archaic InscriptionsRemains of Old Latin, Volume IV: Archaic InscriptionsWarmington, Eric HerbertHARDCOVER01/01/1940$28.00
Cover: Remains of Old Latin, Volume III: Lucilius. The Twelve TablesRemains of Old Latin, Volume III: Lucilius. The Twelve TablesWarmington, Eric Herbert
Cover: Remains of Old Latin, Volume II: Livius Andronicus. Naevius. Pacuvius. AcciusRemains of Old Latin, Volume II: Livius Andronicus. Naevius. Pacuvius. AcciusWarmington, Eric Herbert
Livius Andronicus
Cover: Agricola. Germania. Dialogue on OratoryAgricola. Germania. Dialogue on OratoryTacitus
Hutton, M.
Peterson, W.
Cover: Satyricon. ApocolocyntosisSatyricon. ApocolocyntosisPetronius
Heseltine, Michael
Rouse, W. H. D.
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