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Request a Free Trial of the Digital Loeb Classical Library for Your Institution or Organization

We offer sixty-day free trials of the digital edition of the Loeb Classical Library to nonprofit universities, colleges, libraries, and schools. To apply for a free trial, please complete and submit the form below. A Harvard University Press representative will email you when your trial has begun, and follow up to answer any questions you may have and provide information about purchasing a subscription for your organization.

Please note that free trials are not available to individuals. We reserve the right to deny any request.

If you have any questions about accessing Digital Loeb, email

Please provide the specific IP addresses for which you are requesting institutional access. An IP address range involves four components, or sections, separated by periods ( . ). Enter one or more ranges below, separating multiple ranges with a comma ( , ).

For each range, enter four components joined by three periods ( . ). Each component may be either an individual number from 0 to 255, a span of numbers (such as “1-10”), or an asterisk ( * ) to indicate all of the numbers from 0 to 255. Only one of the four components may include a range, and no specific numbers can appear after a *.

Examples: — a single IP address — a range including ten addresses
   100.99.16.* — a “class C” address range (including 255 addresses)

Ranges may be written in long or short formats. For example: is the same as is the same as 100.98.4.* is the same as 100.98.4-7.* is the same as 100.98.*.*

* Required Information

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